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We Successfully Read Space Cocaine

A few weeks ago I told you about Space Cocaine.

Some of you came to check it out last night at Belmont Books in Portland — thank you! (And a huge thank you to Joe at Belmont Books for the hospitality.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, briefly, it was a riot of a good time.

We had simple rules.

  1. Whoever was reading had to wear the head bopper (so you knew who was reading).
  2. Each reader had ten minutes, as timed by a chicken kitchen timer.
  3. As soon as the timer rang, you stopped reading — even if it was mid-sentence.
  4. If the audience wanted to know what happened next? Well, they’d just have to buy the book.

Left to right: Grá Linnaea, Andrew McCollough, and Mark Teppo. They were such good sports when I informed them about the head bopper.

Here’s the recording of my reading (thanks to my writer friend Elizabeth Mitchell for recording!)

The Space Cocaine anthology will be available for sale soonsoonsoon — check out to find a link when it’s live.

(An aside — can you believe no one owned Well, I do now.)

If you’re in Portland and sad you didn’t get to experience Space Cocaine in person, you should definitely come to my launch party for Double Edged, June 6 at 7pm at the Lucky Lab on Killingsworth.

I guarantee you’ll have an equally good time — plus there will be live music and cupcakes.

Get more details at