From Chaos to Creativity Powell’s Books Reading [Video]

Last Monday, I did something that terrified me: I held a creative productivity workshop in front of about 50 people at Powell’s Books.

I’ve read from my fiction before, which is its own version of terrifying. But I’d never stood up as an expert in front of a crowd of mostly strangers and tried to impart my wisdom.

And you know what?

It was pretty fun.

Plus, people seemed to find it inspiring and asked a lot of insightful questions. Honestly, the discussion with everyone afterwards was my favorite part. If you were there, thank you for coming!

And a HUGE thanks to Rebecca and the rest of the staff at the Powell’s on Hawthorne for hosting me, as well as to Elly Blue and the team at Microcosm Publishing for setting things up.

My husband Robert Kittilson put together a video of the event, editing out the “ums” and giving a really great overview of what it was like.

(Don’t worry, he left in plenty of the “Jessie being a nerd” moments.)

Video not showing up? Here’s the link.

Did you miss the workshop?

I’ll be doing another workshop at Two Rivers Books in St. Johns (Portland, OR) on September 10th. I’m also planning a mini book tour in the Seattle area mid-October.

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Join me (and friends!) in Portland for a reading

The short of it:

When: Tuesday April 24, at 6:30 pm

Where: O’Connor’s Vault (7850 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219)

Who: Myself, authors Kelley Baker and Susan Stoner, and musical guest Erin Wallace of The Sportin’ Lifers, and Wallace.

What: We’ll each read for about 10-15 minutes, then go back around and do another 10-15 minutes.

The long of it:

I was delighted when Kelley Baker, aka The Angry Filmmaker, asked me to read as part of his 3-part literary series at O’Connor’s Vault in Portland’s Multnomah Village! The format promises to be a ton of fun — each of us three authors will read for 10ish minutes, then we’ll go back around and do it all again. Match that with musical entertainment and beers, and it should be a blast.

There will also be books (and presumably music) for sale, so come ready to discover a new favorite local author or musician!

Here’s a bit more about the artists who will be there:

Kelley Baker, The Angry Filmmaker

Kelley Baker

A survivor of USC’s film school, Kelley has a BA and an MFA in film production. He is an author, (Road Dog, The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide: Part One & Part Two) and an Independent Filmmaker. He has written and directed three full‑length features (Birddog, The Gas Café, & Kicking Bird), eight short films and quite a few documentaries.

(Kelley and I shared a table at the Oregon Historical Society’s Holiday Cheer event last Christmas, and I can personally vouch for the fact that he’s hilarious!)

BooksRoad Dog, along with the Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide series.

Website: The Angry Filmmaker


Susan Stoner

Susan Stoner

Susan Stoner, writing as S.L. Stoner, is a native Oregonian who worked, for many years, as a full time as a labor union lawyer. Like that of her series hero, Sage Adair, Stoner’s life has tended toward the adventurous. She’s worked in skid road bars, Las Vegas casinos, free clinics and as a prisoners’ advocate, psychology center videographer and federal judge’s intern.

Books: the Sage Adair series of Historical Mysteries

Website: Yamhill Press


Erin Wallace

Erin Wallace

Erin Wallace is a singer/songwriter performing with The Sportin’ Lifers, and Wallace. Her voice and music has been described as soulful, angelic, and powerful, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to hearing her perform!

Website: Wallace




Jessie Kwak

300px JessieKwak headshotHey, it’s me! I’ll be reading from my Durga System series — Starfall and/or Negative Return, depending on my fancy in the moment.

I’m also thinking about reading a snippet from my work in progress, the first in a trilogy of full-length Durga System novels. If you ask nicely. 🙂

Books: Shifting Borders, Business as Usual, and the Durga System novellas.

Website: You’re on it, friend.



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