How to Woo Me

(A version of this post originally went out to my newsletter. Photo by Katarzyna Pe on Unsplash)

My sophomore year of college, my boyfriend at the time surprised me with a sweet Valentine’s Day evening. He invited me over for a home-cooked meal, and he rented a couple of movies:

Serendipity, and Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Brotherhood of the wolf and Serendipity movie covers
One of these is a proper Valentine’s Day Movie.
One was the proper Valentine’s Day Movie to pick out for me.

Serendipity was one of his favorite movies, a charming romcom about the surprising little moments that can bring two people together.

He wanted to share that movie with me — but he also knew I hated romcoms.

Hence Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Now, Brotherhood of the Wolf is my kind of movie: Ridiculous king-fu fight sequences, gory murders, dark secrets, religious cults, werewolves, gritty French period costumes… 

Bring it on.

Over the years my stone cold heart has softened to appreciate a romantic storyline. I’ve voluntarily watched romcoms since. I’ve picked up — and loved — romance novels. 

And, to the horror of my younger writer self, I’ve even written romantic subplots into my books. 

(To everyone who’s read Negative Return and said you want to know what happens to Manu and Oriol, you’ll see plenty more of them in the upcoming Bulari Saga.)

But I still like my romance a bit weird. And with speculative elements.

For example: Behold the One-Minute Time Machine, a short romantic comedy (existential horror?) I could watch again and again.

How about you? 

Given the choice between Serendipity or Brotherhood of the Wolf, what’s your pick? Or do you have another fave?

Let me know in the comments.