Pedal Zombies Kickstarter – get your copy now!

I was on a road trip with my husband last summer when I checked email on my phone, and saw Elly Blue’s latest call for submissions. It was for her third volume of feminist bicycle science fiction, Bikes in Space, and the theme was zombies.

I groaned. Zombies? I hate zombies. I had stories in both Bikes in Space Volume 1 and Volume 2 (you can read my stories for free on my free stories page), but . . . Zombies?

“Just imagine all the cool zombie-fighting bike gear you could have,” said my husband, a bike company rep. “You could have bikes with flame throwers, and pedals with spikes on them, and. . . .”

By the time we got to our destination, I’d sketched out a rough draft of my story, cracking myself up the entire time. I turned it in to Elly a few days later.

You see, as a former catalog copywriter, I couldn’t help but ask myself,

How would the Creative Department of a catalog company weather the Zombie Apocalypse?

My story is titled: “Notes to Creative on the Fall 1 Catalog: Zombie Apocalypse Special Edition,” and it’s dedicated to the entire creative department of Chasing Fireflies – Cathy, Jeff, Mechas, Amy, and all the rest.

It’s told in the form of a series of emails from the head of Creative to her team, who are diligently working their asses off to put out the best Fall 1 Special Edition catalog they can as things slowly go to hell around them.

I had a ridiculous amount of fun coming up with new products, such as the XLC LazerBlade® Mini U-Lock, Burley BearCub Armored Baby Trailer, and Showers Pass Zombies Pass FlakJacket.

If the zombie apocalypse ever does come to pass, let it be known that I expect a cut of profits made from the ZAP-13 UltraVolt, a gravel grinder bike where endurance race geometry combines with the latest in long range electroshock weaponry for a high-voltage, high-adrenaline off-road bike. (Colors: Citrus, Aqua.)

Are you prepared to read about the zombie apocalypse?

Check out the for Pedal Zombies Kickstarter here, and hear an important message from the Zombie-Living Alliance (ZLA)

The official description of the book:

In the not-so-distant future, when gasoline is no longer available, humans turn to two-wheeled vehicles to transport goods, seek glory, and defend their remaining communities. In another version of the future, those with the zombie virus are able to escape persecution and feel almost alive again on two wheels. In yet another scenario, bicycles themselves are reanimated and roam the earth. A talented array of writers bring their diverse visions to this volume: sometimes scary, sometimes spooky, sometimes hilarious, always on two wheels.

The zombie apocalypse will be pedal-powered! And feminist! Watch out!

Edited by Elly Blue and featuring an exciting and talented collection of new and returning authors. Scary zombie cover by Amelia Greenhall.