“Black as Thread”

Sewing curses into the boots of foreign occupiers may be helping win the war, but what does it do to the soul? To be published in Dispatches From AnnaresDispatches from Anarres: Tales from Portland Authors in Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin, October 2021.

“Once More with Soul”

It’s not easy being a crossroads devil. Published in Eighteen (Underland Press), March 2020.


A job that’s already going awry goes even more south when a pair of notorious space pirates show up. Published in Space Cocaine, May 2019.

“Don’t Miss Today’s Webinar on ExitZ, the World’s Only Zombie Employee Offboarding Software Solution”

It’s not easy when your webinar has technical difficulties. It’s even harder when you start having technical difficulties. Published in Mad Scientist Journal, December 2017

“These Six Jaw-Dropping Stats about Zombies will Transform Your B2B Content Marketing Program”

Do you have all the facts on zombies? Published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, April 2017

“Notes on Zombie Special Edition Catalog”

As the zombie apocalypse threatens to overtake the city, the Creative Department of a catalog company struggles to get the pages for Fall 1 Catalog (Zombie Special Edition) to the printer. Published in Pedal Zombies (Microcosm Publishing), December 2015.

“Bikes to New Sarjun”

When Gretchen Storm takes a teaching position on a remote colony planet, she thinks she’s going to change the world. But when her a shipment of bicycles for her “Bikes to New Sarjun” charity project get caught up in Customs, she’s dragged into a nasty underworld full of fearsome mob bosses, undercover stings, and Creatures that may or not be aliens. Published in Bikes in Space: Volume 2 (Microcosm Publishing), May 2014.

“To See The Stars from the Other Side”

Far before she imprinted her first bicycle, the young bicycle hunter was taught to hunt and kill her people’s enemy. But when she’s captured by a group of rebels, she learns that the enemy may not be who she’s been taught. Published in Bikes in Space: Volume 1 (Microcosm Publishing), May 2013.

“The Needlepoint Fish of Azure City”

When a foreign seamstress is wrongly accused of theft on the eve of the princess’s wedding, her needlepoint creations come alive to save her. Published in Fish (Dagan Books), January 2013.

Other Short Stories

“The Final Waking”

Written for the 2020 Burning Cat convention. Read it here.

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Short Story Collections

Business as Usual

Worried about the state of business during the zombie apocalypse?

You’re not alone.

This humorous short story collection features pieces originally published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Bikes in Space 3 (Pedal Zombies), and Mad Scientist Journal, along with original illustrations by Natalie Metzger.