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[Podcast] No Shelf Control

Between my day job and my current book project (a non-fiction book about the writing process), I interview a lot of people.

It’s one of my favorite things about my job — getting a chance to chat with interesting people about things they’re passionate about: adaptive learning software, the college experience during COVID-19, cybersecurity, digital asset management software, writing and revising novels.

So it’s always a bit weird when the table gets turned and someone starts peppering me with questions.

That’s happened a couple of times lately. If you’ve been curious to learn more about me and my books, check out these two interviews.

No Shelf Control Podcast

No Shelf Control Podcast: Books, Booze and Banter. Episode 11 – Interview with Jessie Kwak (the Bulari Saga)

I sat down virtually with Lindsay Fairleigh and Lindsay Pogue to chat about productivity, how I name my characters, world building, and my choice to include a deaf character in the Bulari Saga.

Oh — and of course we chatted about what we were drinking during the show. Mezcal (neat) and soda water and a splash of orange bitters for me, in honor of Phaera.

Find the episode here.

Snowflakes in A Blizzard

Snowflakes in A Blizzard: Double Edged

I’ve had a book featured in Snowflakes in a Blizzard a couple of times before, and it’s always a fun experience. The interviews are a great way for readers to find new indie authors and explore new books they might want to try.

In it, I talk about my inspiration for Double Edged and the Bulari Saga, and reflect on what it’s like to wrap up the series with Kill Shot.

Read the interview here.