**COMPLETE 5-book series + 3 prequel novellas + short stories = over 500,000 words of adventure.**

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Willem Jaantzen didn’t ask to be a hero. He just wants to keep his family safe in the shifting sands of Bulari’s underground—and to get the city’s upper crust to acknowledge just how far he’s come since his days as an orphaned street kid. With his businesses thriving and his dark past swept into the annals of history, it looks like he has everything he could ever ask for. Until, that is, his oldest rival turns up murdered and the blame—and champagne—begins to flow.

It turns out Thala Coeur died as she lived: sowing chaos. And when a mysterious package bearing her call sign shows up on Jaantzen’s doorstep, he and his family are quickly swallowed up in a web of lies, betrayals, and interplanetary politics. It’ll only take one stray spark to start another civil war in the underworld, and Jaantzen’s going to have to pull out every play from his notorious past if he wants to keep his city from going up in flames.

Jaantzen never wanted to be a hero, but that might just be a good thing. Because a hero could never stop the trouble that’s heading humanity’s way.

The Bulari Saga is a five-book series featuring gunfights, dinner parties, explosions, motorcycle chases, underworld intrigue, and a fiercely plucky found family who have each other’s backs at every step. Perfect for fans of The Expanse, Firefly, and The Godfather. 



Picture the Sopranos, only in space. And then add some complex and kick-butt women, lots of diversity, a FREAKING MOTORCYCLE RACE, and big action-packed stakes. That is what it’s like to read Double Edged.”

This book is an excellent example of how a master storyteller can elevate characters and story elements that at first glance appear ordinary and trite into a complex, richly imagined, fast paced story you can’t put down.

 The story starts in high gear and doesn’t let up. Lots of action and intrigue with an unexpected twist at the end.”

This was a rollercoaster ride of a space adventure with a cast of characters so vivid that I was totally invested the outcome of their story. I’m already looking forward to reading the rest of what looks to be an amazingly entertaining series.”