Bulari Saga reading order

As I wrote the first draft of Double Edged (the first book of the Bulari Saga), I quickly started to realize that I had more story than could fit in one book. 

I wrote the three prequel novellas and a short story as I was exploring the characters and history that played such a big role in the Bulari Saga, but I didn’t intend them to be required reading to enjoy the series.

What follows is a timeline of where each book takes place in relation to the overall story. You can begin with Starfall (the first standalone prequel novella), but I recommend starting with Double Edged.

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Bulari Saga timeline


Short story. When a job goes south, Willem Jaantzen doesn't know who to trust: his boss, or the pair of notorious space pirates who are after the same haul. First published in Space Cocaine, May 2019. Free to newsletter subscribers.

40 years prior to Double Edged
20 years prior

Negative Return

Novella. Manu Juric is in over his head. And the man he's been hired to kill might be the only one he can trust. Published June 2017.


Novella. When Starla Dusai is captured by the Alliance, her godfather has a choice to make. Avenge his family, or save a girl he barely knows. Published May 2016.

15 years prior
10 years prior

Deviant Flux

Novella. For five years, Starla Dusai has been searching for her scattered family. But now that she's found her cousin Mona, she may be in over her head. Published March 2019

Double Edged

Novel. When a high-profile rival is murdered, Willem Jaantzen and his crew are the only thing standing between the city of Bulari and another civil war. Published May 2019. 

Bulari Saga 1
Takes place during Double Edged


Short story. After Oriol Sina's gig on the Dorothy Queen goes awry, he has to track down who's responsible — before he makes his friends into targets. Published May 2019. Free to Newsletter subscribers.


Novel. Jaantzen and his crew may have saved the day, but they're left with an even more dangerous mystery on their hands. And Jaantzen’s beginning to suspect casino owner Phaera D wants more from him than his help taking out a local street crew. Published June 2019.

Bulari Saga 2
Bulari Saga 3

Pressure Point

Novel. Jaantzen and his crew have brought peace to Bulari, but at the cost of a new, even more powerful enemy. As every choice seems like the wrong one, Jaantzen is on the verge of losing everyone he loves. Published September 2019.


Deleted Scene. As Jaantzen and his crew battle their latest enemy, Starla and Toshiyo explore their escape routes. Published March 2020. Free to newsletter subscribers.

Takes place during Pressure Point
Bulari Saga 4

Heat Death

Novel. Jaantzen and his crew are down, but not out. As they plan their next move, Starla sets off on an adventure that will shed light on her own past, and shape the course of history. Published March 2020.

Kill Shot

Novel. Mysteries solved, plans executed, and battles fought. Sometimes victory can feel just as brutal as defeat. Available for preorder.

Bulari Saga 5