Invite me to speak

I’d love to come on your podcast, give a training to your group, or speak at your event. As the author of four books on creative productivity, the writing process, and the art of running a writing business, I have a lot to say!

Potential topics include:

  • Productivity for creative folks and making time for your art
  • Finding a joyful (and productive!) writing process that works for you
  • How to make a living as a writer

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pronounced “Quack.” 🙂

What order should your sci-fi books be read in?

The Bulari Saga series should be read sequentially, starting with Double Edged. The prequel novellas are meant to be read in any order. In terms of time frame, Negative Return is set earliest, followed by Starfall and Deviant Flux.

Head here for the Bulari Saga timeline/reading order.

What if I want to know more about your productivity guide, From Chaos to Creativity?

Head to the FC2C website for more information and a press kit for From Chaos to Creativity.

I'm obsessed with how bored my nephew is during the workshop on creative productivity I gave at Inklings Bookshop. I promise the adult participants were engaged.