Short Story Collections

My short fiction has appeared in these anthologies.


“Notes on Zombie Special Edition Catalog”

As the zombie apocalypse threatens to overtake the city, the Creative Department of a catalog company struggles to get the pages for Fall 1 Catalog (Zombie Special Edition) to the printer.

Published in Pedal Zombies, from Elly Blue Publications/Microcosm Press.

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“Bikes to New Sarjun”

When Gretchen Storm takes a teaching position on a remote colony planet, she thinks she’s going to change the world. But when her a shipment of bicycles for her “Bikes to New Sarjun” charity project get caught up in Customs, she’s dragged into a nasty underworld full of fearsome mob bosses, undercover stings, and Creatures that may or not be aliens.

Originally published in Bikes in Space: Volume 2.

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“To See The Stars from the Other Side”

Far before she imprinted her first bicycle, the young bicycle hunter was taught to hunt and kill her people’s enemy. But when she’s captured by a group of rebels, she learns that the enemy may not be who she’s been taught.

Originally published in Bikes in Space: Volume 1.

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“The Needlepoint Fish of Azure City”

When a foreign seamstress is wrongly accused of theft on the eve of the princess’s wedding, her needlepoint creations come alive to save her. Originally published in Fish from Dagan Books, January 2013.