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Starla Dusai is fifteen, deaf — and being held as an enemy combatant by the Indiran Alliance. Willem Jaantzen is an old hand in the Bulari crime scene, and is about to pull the trigger on an old vendetta — an act that will likely end his life. Will they be able to find each other in time?

Starfall is a fast-paced novella about what it means to be family, set in a world of space pirates, notorious gangsters, and heists.

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Bikes to New Sarjun

When Gretchen Storm takes a teaching position on a remote colony planet, she thinks she’s going to change the world. But when her a shipment of bicycles for her “Bikes to New Sarjun” charity project get caught up in Customs, she’s dragged into a nasty underworld full of fearsome mob bosses, undercover stings, and Creatures that may or not be aliens.

Originally published in Bikes in Space: Volume 2.

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The Bicycle Hunter

Far before she imprinted her first bicycle, the young bicycle hunter was taught to hunt and kill her people’s enemy. But when she’s captured by a group of rebels, she learns that the enemy may not be who she’s been taught.

Originally published as “To See the Stars from the Other Side,” in Bikes in Space: Volume 1.

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Shifting Borders (first chapter)

It’s been years since the Ramos sisters have been close, but when Patricia is accidentally possessed by Valeria’s dead boyfriend, Marco, they have one last shot at working out their differences. But with a drug smuggling gang hot on their heels, will they have time to heal their relationship?

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