You’ve been there, right? In the middle of a joy ride when all of a sudden:


As a natural packrat, I hate to throw anything away that could possibly be useful, so over the years I’ve developed quite the collection of busted inner tubes. Crafting with them has become an obsession – I’ve made reflective belts, jewelry, and even a macrame plant hanger.

And now you can, too.

You get a 27-page, full-color PDF file chock full of all the tools, tips, and techniques you’ll need to get started crafting with inner tubes.

It’s information I first presented in this tutorial series, all the best nuggets pulled out and designed into a gorgeous book that I hope is inspirational to you!

You’ll learn about stitches for hand sewing inner tubes, find out what to do if the rubber drags on the bottom of your sewing machine’s presser foot, and get all the tricks I have for choosing, cleaning, and cutting up your inner tubes.

My favorite part is the tutorials. I’ve included 5 step-by-step tutorials with full-color photos to help you through the tricky parts.

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