Portland freelance copywriter & novelist


I’m a Portland freelance writer who likes to write about the good life: travel and the tourism industry, outdoor adventures, food and beverage, and (of course) cycling. I’m a farm girl at heart, though I’ve defected to the city.

As a freelance writer, I primarily write B2B marketing copy: blog posts, white papers, case studies, reported articles, sales leave-behinds, and all that jazz.


I love hunting down the story of a place, finding the slant that turns a ho-hum piece into something truly substantial. While traveling through Peru, my husband and I co-founded the travel website UnpavedSouthAmerica.com as a way to delve more deeply into what made the places we were visiting tick. Rather than simply listing hotels and tourist sites, we interviewed locals, decoded Lima’s city bus system, and even once secured an invitation back into the kitchen of our favorite dive restaurant to learn how to make melt-in-your-mouth chicharron de pescado.


I’ve also worked as a copywriter for a catalog company, a waitress in a brew pub, a driver and mechanic of many kinds of tractors, a carpenter in rural Venezuela, a house manager for a major regional theater, a stage manager for a tiny fringe company, and a slinger of popcorn for a movie theater in Yakima. I like writing best, but I have to admit you can get some good thinking done on the seat of a tractor.